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Flo-Zyme is a live bacteria enzyme for use in breaking down and eliminating organic waste. This product is very effective at removing organic waste in drains and pipelines allowing for a free flow of water. It’s recommended for use in sinks, floor drains and septic tanks. Flo-Zyme is also designed to clean and remove organic odors from restroom and kitchen floors. In restrooms, floors and walls tend to get urine stains that become embedded in the surface pores. In kitchens, food waste can become embedded in the same manner in flooring. The live bacteria enzymes will get into the pores, breakdown the organic matter and eliminate odors at the same time. Flo-Zyme is a very safe product as it dissolves into water and oxygen after use.

Directions for Use

The product should be used at night to remain active in the respective application without running water. Do this 3-4 times per week when necessary.


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